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    *Bishopsgate Ballroom
    Come and dance with friends old and new at the Bishopsgate Ballroom. You don't need to bring a partner; you can wear whatever you like and all events are open to everyone.

    Nicky Miles plays Ballroom and Latin, some Argentine Tango and Salsa and even some line and sequence dances. He will also give a brief taster lesson early in the evening.

    Come and join us.

    Bishopsgate Institute
    230 Bishopsgate
    EC2M 4QH

    Blackpook 2012 Star Dance Club Results

    Kacey Turner Semi-final Under 8
    Loretta Brookes 1st Under 8
    Bethany Cozens Semi-final Under 6
    Mia Duddy Dacosta4thJuvenile SDT
    Hedley Prowse Janjua 6thJuvenile SDT
    Lauren Harrison Powell 2nd Junior SDT
    Grace Ward Semi-finalJuvenile Pre-Bronze
    Veve Shamhong 3rd Junior Pre-Bronze
    Abagail Mason 7th Junior Pre-Bronze
    Jasmin Turner Semi-finalJunior Pre-Bronze
    Amelia Penswick Semi-finalJuvenile Bronze
    Chanice Monahan Semi-finalJuvenile Silver
    Maisie Young 4th Juvenile Silver
    Molly Bevan Semi-finalJunior Silver
    Jorja Hills Semi-finalJunior Silver
    Harry Parker 2nd Junior Silver
    Ellie Guest 5th Junior Gold
    Heidi Knight Semi-finalJunior Gold
    Philip Butcher 1st Junior Gold
    Aricia Smith 2nd Junior Gold Star
    Bethany Cozens3rd Under 6
    Connie May Stringer6th Under 6
    Arriana SalatkaSemi-finalUnder 8
    Mia Duddy DacostaSemi-finalJuvenile SDT
    Veve ShamhongSemi-finalJunior Pre-Bronze
    Grace Ward4th Juvenile Bronze
    Amelia Penswick1st Juvenile Bronze
    Maisie YoungSemi-finalJuvenile Silver
    Chanice MonahanSemi-finalJuvenile Silver
    Jorja Hills6th Junior Silver
    Harry Parker1stJunior Gold
    Heidi KnightSemi-finalJunior Gold
    Philip Butcher1st Junior Gold Star

    Tracey Wordely3rdTo Bronze
    Steve WordelySemi-finalTo Bronze
    Rebecca Williams6th Silver/Gold
    Ann Gebbett5th Gold Star +
    Margaret Evans4th Gold Star +
    Andy May 6th To Bronze
    Ann Gebbett1stGold Star +
    Jean WaightSemi-final3 Dance

    Yvette Rudge1stPre BronzeUnder 35
    Shereen Davidson4th Pre BronzeUnder 35
    Dawn Copping6th Pre BronzeOver 35
    Lauren Martin1st BronzeUnder 35
    Caroline Hanley Green2ndBronzeUnder 35
    Charlotte Walling6th BronzeUnder 35
    Lisa Cole4th BronzeOver 35
    Joanne LeechSemi-finalBronzeOver 35
    Julia RedmanSemi-finalBronzeOver 35
    Melanie Ward1st BronzeOver 50
    Stella Boothroyde4th BronzeOver 50
    Nicola Ward1st SilverUnder 35
    Shelley Sturdy1st SilverOver 50
    Ellie Steele1stGoldUnder 35
    Molly Williams6th GoldUnder 35
    Dawn Henning5th GoldOver 35
    Ann Gerrard4th GoldOver 50
    Jean WaightSemi-finalGoldOver 50
    Fiona Millikin Walker1st GoldOver 50
    Casey Redman4th Gold StarUnder 35
    Gilbert Wu3rd Gold StarOver 35
    Beverley MorrisSemi-finalGold StarOver 50
    Angela KingSemi-finalGold StarOver 50
    Danielle Cloude1st AwardsUnder 35
    Winnie Kwan1st AwardsOver 35
    Dawn Copping 5th Pre BronzeOver 35
    Caroline Hanley Greene 5th BronzeUnder 35
    Lauren Martin 1st BronzeUnder 35
    Shereen Davidson Semi-finalBronzeUnder 35
    Yvette Rudge Semi-finalBronzeUnder 35
    Charlotte Walling 3rd BronzeUnder 35
    Lisa Cole Semi-finalBronze Over 35
    Melanie Ward 1st BronzeOver 50
    Stella Boothroyde Semi-finalBronze Over 50
    Nicola Ward 1st SilverUnder 35
    Shelley Sturdy 1st SilverOver 50
    Ellie Steele 2nd Gold Under 35
    Fiona Millikin Walker 2nd Gold Over 50
    Ann Gerrard Semi-finalGoldOver 50
    Casey Redman 2nd Gold StarUnder 35
    Molly Williams Semi-finalGold StarUnder 35
    Gilbert Wu 4th Gold StarOver 35
    Dawn Henning 5th Gold StarOver 35
    Beverely Morris Semi-finalGold StarOver 50
    Danielle Cloude 3rdAwardsUnder 35
    Jasmine Claydon 7th AwardsUnder 35
    Winnie Kwan 4th AwardsOver 35
    Angela King 7th AwardsOver 50


    The ISTD Dinner Dance 2011 was held at the Lancaster Gate, London and sponsored by Heath Lambert. It opened with a warm welcome which set the scene for an evening of elegance and superb entertainment. All arrivals were announced by the toastmaster and greeted by Peter Kyle and the Chief Executive, Julian Amey. Excited attendees then entered the magnificent crystal dining room to the smooth tones of Ross Mitchell and his ensemble.

    In his opening speech, Peter Kyle, welcomed all and emphasised the virtues of the ISTD and its strengths in overseas development. Congratulations are owed to him for the being awarded the OBE in the New Year's Honours List.

    The essence of the ISTD dinner dance is not only the culmination of a day of stimulating, informative lectures, but also the presentation of the annual Imperial awards, which then followed.

    Paddy Hurling, describing this year's Theatre award winner as "a treasure to the Society", invited Elizabeth Wills to receive her award. She graciously thanked her colleagues for all their help and support to in the performance of her day to day tasks which had brought her to this memorable moment.

    Next in the proceedings was the Imperial Dancesport Award presented by Robert Grover. Looking sharp elegant, he described the recipient, Vernon Kemp, as being "highly respected by fellow colleagues". In his receiving speech, Vernon exclaimed his "total surprise" and talked of his "passion" and "gift for teaching" and ability "to take people to where they want to go". Humble yet dignified, Vernon contained an emotional and proud moment which everyone endorsed. He is a outstanding and vital member of the Society.

    The Imperial Overseas Award winner was announced by Paddy Hurling, who invited Helen Green to the floor to honour her friend of 27 years Cheryl Gill, this year's recipient. Cheryl described how she was "so, so proud" at the ISTD's presence in Southern Italy from its inception in 1984: a magnificent achievement attained with rigorous work.

    The evening continued with the deferred presentation of the 2011 Carl Alan Award for outstanding [coaching], which was given to the deserving and hugely popular Robert Grover. This award was presented by the IDTA President [.....] as Robert had been unable to attend the official ceremony in February this year.

    Robert then invited Anne Lingard, a fellow ISTD recipient of a Carl Alan award earlier this year, to join him. Everyone applauded these admirable, high profile, dedicated Society members, who are such bastions of knowledge and dedication.

    Sue Passmore then gave a speech highlighting "quality of dance" and the "acceleration of dance development". It was an empowering speech reflecting her passion and conviction. Her sincerity was infectious and her words provided a stimulus which we should all carry forward in our daily dance lives.

    Next, was the highlight of the evening: the show by Mr Gherman Mustuc and Ms Iveta Lukosiute. They are an internationally renowned couple who have been World 10 Dance champions, and are the reigning United States Professional 10-Dance Champions (featuring both Latin and Standard-style dancing). They are also the Professional 10-Dance Champions of North America. Their highly entertaining presentations have put them in demand for shows throughout the world.

    Those attending their lecture earlier in the day, all of whom were affected by their charisma, anticipated a spectacle. The appreciative audience was not disappointed. Four show dances were displayed with breathtaking lifts, an infusion of dance, drama and passion in a potent combination which left the audience wanting more.

    "Le Jazz Hot" was a Hollywood style cabaret which displayed lyrical artistry combined with provocative choreography. "Carmen" told the classic tale presenting masculine power in contrast to Iveta's sinuous defiance. "Jailhouse Rock" was a suggestive, raunchy display with Iveta dancing in a revealing "uniform" . Both she and Gherman gave an athletic and comedic performance. "Love Story", a Rumba, was the last vignette in this wonderfully entertaining show. The precision and accuracy of technique showed in the physical movement and lines produced. They gave an effortless display of balance and virtuosity. In all, this was fabulous showcase, which was truly entertaining.

    Lorna Lee and Barbara Grover presented the demonstrators with flowers and champagne in appreciation. Iveta thanked the Society and expressed her "passion and love for dance", encouraging us all to reflect on how fortunate we are to be part of the dance world.

    Inevitably Nicky Miles managed to add frivolity to the raffle and proceedings with his inexhaustible humour.

    Ross Mitchell played with gusto as eager guests filled the dancefloor, in appreciation of his fantastic rhythms. The trio of singers and musicians proved popular, with the dancers applauding, with enthusiasm, for more.

    The evening ended with a few words from Robert Grover, bringing another hugely successful ISTD dinner dance to a close.

    Mark Willemite